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Admission Requirements

Refer to Board Policy JBC.

All students who have attained the age of eligibility of school attendance and live with a parent or someone acting as a parent who is a resident within the district shall be admitted to attend school in the district unless they are currently serving a term of suspension or expulsion from a school district in Kansas. Preschool students must meet program qualifications to be admitted to the preschool classes.

Upon initially enrolling in the district, students shall provide proof of identity. Students enrolling in preschool, kindergarten or first grade shall provide a certified copy of their birth certificate or other documentation which the board determines to be satisfactory. Students enrolling in grades 2-5 shall provide student records if transferring from another district.

The enrollment documentation shall include a student’s permanent record with a student’s legal name as it appears on the birth certificate, or as changed by a court order, and the name, address and telephone number of the lawful custodian. The records shall also provide the identity of the student as evidenced by a birth certificate, a certified copy of a court order placing the student in the custody of Kansas Department for Children and Families, a certified transcript of the student, a baptismal certificate, or other documentation the board considers satisfactory. If proper proof of identity is not provided within 30 days of enrolling, the superintendent or designee shall notify local law enforcement.

  • Enrollment/Withdrawal from School