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Assignment to School/Classes

(Refer to Board Policy JBC) 

The district has established boundaries for K-5 schools. Any student desiring to attend a school outside the attendance area in which the student resides may do so only with the permission of the receiving and sending principals and the Director of Human Resources. All in-district transfer requests must be made prior to July 1 and should be submitted to the office of Student and Family Resources at Mary Herbert Education Center. Grade level and class assignments shall be determined by the building principal. Teacher requests are not accepted. Students who transfer from a non-accredited school to an Emporia school will be placed in the appropriate school program as determined by the principal. 

If a student’s change of residence during the school year places him/her in another school’s boundary, the student may stay at their school of origin or transfer to the new school. 

  • Enrollment/Withdrawal from School