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(Refer to Board Policy JB and JBD) 

Parents shall notify the school when the student must be absent from school. Please REPORT THE ABSENCE BY 8:30 a.m. to the school office. Reasonable attempts to contact the parent will be made by the school or designee if a parent or guardian fails to notify the office of the absence or tardy. Schools that use automated calling will begin calling unreported absences soon after attendance has been taken. 

An absence will be classified as unexcused when the parent fails to notify the school explaining the absence prior to the absence when the reason given by the parent does not fall within the approved guidelines, or if the parent does not provide a doctor’s note upon the student’s return to school and one is required. 

Excused absences are defined as: (1) illness or medical appointment, (2) attendance at funerals, and (3) other reasons authorized by the principal. An excused absence entitles the pupil to make up the work missed within a reasonable time limit. 

Any student who is absent more than one hour in the morning or afternoon is considered to have missed 1/2 day of school. This will include being late for school and leaving school during the day. 

In the event a child is absent for more than 3 consecutive days or for more than 10 days cumulative in a year, the school may require a note from a doctor verifying the need for these or any additional absences. School representatives will consult with parents of students with poor attendance records. If school attendance does not improve, appropriate authorities will be notified of the attendance concern. 

Any unexcused absence from school is a violation of school policy/expectations. Students who miss more than twenty (20) days (excused or unexcused) during the school year may be required to: 

● show significant progress toward mastery of grade level skills in reading and/or math; OR ● be considered for retention if the student is not performing at grade level. 

Students absent for two weeks or more because of illness or injury may be eligible for home-bound instruction. Parents should contact the school to make these arrangements. 

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